Monday, January 16, 2012

Buns of Steel

I know that by now sock buns are becoming very common and I'm sure many of you have either tried or know about them, but for the people who don't I thought I would share.  I found out about sock buns a while ago and finally successfully did one today, although to be honest I did have help from my friend, and it looked awesome.  Basically the look is like the one above, without all the frizz.  It is a big perfect doughnut shaped bun right on top of your head.  While the look is elegant and pretty, it is super easy and only takes five minutes max to do.  I found a great tutorial by Opening Ceremony where they show you step-by-step with pictures.  My only addition to these directions is to use a sock that is close in color to your hair.  The bright white and yellow sock they use would look terrible if your hair started to separate and the sock showed through.  Other than that, create these easy buns to look put together without any effort.

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