Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big and Beautiful

I recently just fixed my absolute favorite necklace.  I had gotten it in the summer and by fall all the chains connecting the necklace had broken.  I took to my pliers and went to work, and now I am happily wearing my favorite statement necklace with practically everything I own.  Fixing my necklace made me fall in love with big necklaces all over again, and although I have found no necklaces that can top the one I have, I found a couple that are strong contenders.  The first necklace below is a steal at just $16 and I love the purple and gold combo.  Also the chain is awesome.  The bottom necklace I first saw in a picture in an email, and I thought it looked too dainty and small, but then I looked at it in person and it is massive.  The necklace really packs a punch and is not to be missed, not to mention that it comes in three different colors.  

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