Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fishtail Fanatic

A couple weeks ago while watching Fashion Star, Nicole Richie had the best fishtail braid hairstyle.  It was in a high pony tail with hair wrapped around the base of the pony tail with a fishtail braid coming out. That was a little strange of a description but just look at the picture above, which by the way is the only picture I could find of the hair style hence why it has that speech bubble.  I just love the look.  It looks fresh and summery and is better than a simple high pony.  Below is a video on how to do a fishtail braid if you don't know how.  It isn't too hard but whenever I do it my arms get really tired.  Also a quick word about Fashion Star, I love it!  You guys should watch it and if you haven't been but want to start I think the whole season is on Hulu.

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  1. love me a fishtail too!
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