Monday, May 7, 2012

Print Mania

I don't know what it is about this summer but I am obsessed with prints.  Seriously every time I walk into a store the first items that catch my eye are anything with a print on it.  The other day I stopped by American Eagle Outfitters, which I never do but saw some cute shorts in the window, and I walked out with two awesome items.  Below are the shorts I got, well actually I got them in a pink and orange color but I'm going to return them for the black and white.  The shorts are so cute and they were so cheap too.  Also I have been on the hunt for an awesome bra top and finally found one, pictured below.  It is a great color and print and has straps which I love.  Also it was 40% off so I could't really pass it up.  So in conclusion, American Eagle has a lot of hidden gems and you wouldn't expect it so check it out!

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