Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roll With It

I have been loving the look of rolled up jeans and ankle boots. Not only does it look great but it is an excellent way to show off your shoes.  To get the right look you have to make sure that you only roll the jeans up to right above where the ankle boot stops.  There should be about an inch of skin showing between the shoe and the jean.  Also make sure that you make the roll small so it looks like you intentionally rolled the jeans and are not just wearing capris.  Below I showed two types of boots that could go with rolled jeans.  The first pair of boots I own and love.  They are super comfortable and look great with faded grey jeans.  The second pair would be great to wear out but also could be worn during the day with a fun patterned top.  I love wearing the look with blouses and chunky gold jewelry but there are a lot of ways to wear this look.  

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