Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up and whether you have a special someone or not you can still celebrate.  Above are some pink flowers that I love.  I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are but I know that they were only five dollars and they look amazing and festive.  I am not a fan of roses because I think roses are too overpriced and pale in beauty compared to other flowers. So a Valentines tip is to avoid roses and embrace other flowers that are pink or red and save some money.  Below are two items that will also get you in the mood come February 14th.  First is a Clair Vivier folded leather clutch.  If you remember from my post a couple days ago I am in love with folded clutches and this one is perfect.  It is bright pink with a neon orange zipper.  Second is a pair of 7 for all Mankind pink skinny jeans.  My roommate/friend just bought a pair and they are adorable and perfect for spring.  She found a pair at H&M for only $25 but the ones below are great as well, although a bit more pricey.  

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